Junhyuk Jang
Interaction designer, UX explorer

projects @Kakao

Kakao Display AD
Rich Media Display AD
IxD, prototyping

“more contents less spaces”
interact with scrolling or tilting -
overlay, parallax, lenticular banners


Kakao Talk Interaction
Messenger Interaction Guides
IxD, Prototyping, UX writing

“experience enhancement”
interaction guidelines,
chatroom for official account,
chatbot interactions, and so on

iOS Android

Watch UX
SmartWatch UX Study
IA, IxD, wireframe, screen flow, prototyping

“at a glance, with delight"
real-time list of on-air music,
details of vinyl animation


Daum App
Search & Media Portal services
user research, IA, IxD, wireframe, screen flow, prototyping

“flow experience of mobile contents”
today extension, bookmark sync,
side menu customizing

iOS Android

Daum Maps
Route & Public Transportation
user research, IA, wireframe, screen flow

“a picture is better than words”
route description panels on the map,
swipe panels to see route details

iOS Android

personal works + featured @framer

With Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa as household names, AI assistants are quickly becoming part of our everyday lives.

Junhyuk Jang explores the differences in designing for human-to-machine interactions


Feel the vibes of your favorite tunes in this awesome music player design by Junhyuk Jang


Move your cursor to catch the Panda's eye in this sweet custom design by Junhyuk Jang


Take a look at this amazing Material Motion reel by Junhyuk Jang


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